Thursday, August 10, 2006

Always a twist. Which way will this market go? My 2 cents: the DOW is sitting on support but MACD & STO are turning lower. The Bulls noose was let loose today but will be brought back tight Friday. If we break below 11000 we will go lowRRR. NASD should bump uglies with 2000 this cycle.

RHAT: Sold today for a FINE profit!
JOYG: Bought puts on this, whatever JOYG is? First target is 35.00 then 30.00. MACD & STO are rolling over.
INTU: Bought Calls on this on. Shooting for new 52 week highs above 31.35. MACD started to turn highRRR, STO should start in a day of two.

Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!
Glen K.

Monday, August 07, 2006


The Feds are about to speak! Walk like a duck talk like a duck! I don't expect them to raise rates, if they do they are Goofy@@! If we go off the saying "Buy the rumor, sell the fact" we should see the market drop like a rock. I believe it will drop either way. Things are slowing down. Gas in my area is now above $3.00. The parking lots in the big chain stores are even looking slim. Great time to repave them!! Lets by a pavement equipment company??!!

Current positions:
RHAT: Bought puts on this stock a couple weeks ago and have been riding the down trend and it looks like it will continue. Rock on Red Hat!!

FAST: Bought Puts today and it lost like a champ today. Expecting it to go below $33.00

Will be adding more Thursday!

Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!
Glen K.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Calling All Bears!

OK Bears are we ready to shred the market again? It's time to put the Bulls back in their pens.
The NASD can't break the 2080 mark and hold it so it will have to go lower if it wants some action.
The DOW ran out of gas and needs to be hauled away! The 10700 zone will be a good place.
Today I bought a Put on RHAT. How low can we go? I say 16.00.

Glen K
Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Out for now.

Sold GENZ for a nice profit yesterday. Currently 100% cash. Will keep my eyes on the indicators and look at entering new trades sometime next week.

Glen K.
Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Let's hear it for the Correctional System!

Nice moves for the DJI and NASD. The DJI has moved above the 30 DMA, held over 11000, and the MACD & STO are starting to roll over and turn highRRR. Could trade up to the 11250 and the bears should be ready to take over again. The NASD should go up to the 2120 range and cut new trail lowRRR.

GENZ broke through the 63 resistance and is now a support. We are headed to the 66 area. Move stops up to protect our gains.

I won't be taking on any new trades at this time because the market is moving against the trend.

Any comments welcome.

Glen K.
Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I think the market had to much to drink today with the big down and up swing. I am looking forward to the correction, let us sharpen our claws in preparation for the next down turn. ROAR!!

Sold my Puts on MCO and LAMR for some nice gains. Will keep them in my watch list and re-enter the race when the bulls run out of breath!

Current position:
GENZ: Having a bear of a time getting through resistance. MACD & STO are getting high. Might be a good time to dump this one too!

Glen K.
Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

YES, NO, maybe?

DJI and NASD in my thoughts are over sold at this time and should maintain a sideways to slightly highRRR trend for the next few days. Middle East and oil prices dictate this market. I don't see anything getting any worse than they where last week.

Sold NTAP, ERICY, and EXPE today for some very nice gains. Sold because the MACD & STO are turning highRRR. Will keep them in my watchlist and enter a position when the time is right again.

MCO: Someone needs to hit this one in the head with a 42 support pan!

GENZ: We need a move above 64 in the next couple days if this stoner is going higher to the 66 level.

LAMR: This one needs a good kick over the edge too so we can watch with delight as it falls to the 45 support.

Glen K.
Make it Bear-A-Bull and TRADE!

Idea of the day.

Portable Stop Lights. Four way stops that direct detours traffic suck. Especially when the traffic is a main state highway. What would be needed is two small highway department type trailers with their own power system, battery and solar. Two heavy duty cables laid out to detect traffic. Or some type of wireless/ motion detection system.

Glen K.

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